Some thoughts on technique 

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How can you sound tight and be loose at the same time? A lot of drummers injure themselves mainly due to developing bad technique and misinformation from "celebrity" drummers. The best drummers look and sound effortless, not gurning and sweating all over the place, if you're breaking sticks on a regular basic you are damaging yourself and that 6 show a week 5 month tour will come to a deafening stop, the key IS rebound! we're not hammering nails, let the stick do the work…. #onehandedsixteenths #lefthandleadorrighthandlead #drum #lesson #stickcontrol #rebound #loose #technique #studio #music #stonestroke #moeller #myzildjian #earnyourbadge #livetoplay #grooveminute #teamremo #vf15 @zildjiancompany @gretschdrums @remopercussion @protectionracket

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